Named by the Mexican consulate in San Francisco as the official ambassador for ongoing cultural activities with Mexico, Ballet Folklórico Mexicano's wide-ranging dance repertoire and stunning choreography empowers communities and educates the general public by providing a greater understanding and appreciation for Mexican culture and folklore through music, dance, and traditional art forms.

Assembly Program:

Folk Dances of Mexico

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $970

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano’s assembly performance program draws on the artistic variety of Mexico's different regions, presenting an overview of the country's dance and highlighting the contributions of indigenous Spanish, African, Chilean, and Eastern European cultures. 

residency program:

Mexican Folk Dancing

Grades: K-12 -  Pricing: $110/Session

This residency program offers students the opportunity to learn and practice one or more traditional Mexican folkdances, while also delving into a deeper exploration of the historical references and cultural inspirations behind these customs.