Serving as ambassadors of Mexican and Caribbean music and dance, Cascada de Flores family programming uses the sweet characters of traditional music, storytelling and dance to weave together cultural lessons into bilingual and highly participatory programs.  

assembly Programs:

Aquiles Va Un Cuento/The Treasure Of Aquiles

Grades: K-2 - Pricing: $950

Aquiles is a hungry boy who leaves his barren town (empty of dance, song and stories) to find nourishment. Along  his travels, a bee teaches him sing, a horse teaches him the joy of rhythm, and a snail teaches him to play.  Aquiles brings his stories, songs, games, folk dances and rhymes in Spanish back to teach to his pueblo. Bilingual and participatory!

The Tree & The Donkey Who Wanted to Sing

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $950

This is a bilingual and participatory story explodes with the song, ancient musical instruments, poly-rhythms and sweet characters of Mexican music and dance. Inspired by the ensemble's travels to Veracruz, Mexico, where old traditions are kept alive by generations of families in the countryside, this story speaks of the diversity of roots in Mexico. Participant-driven improvisation and inventiveness, life and death in nature, and the making of musical instruments and song are strong themes highlighted in this program.