Edna Cabcabin Moran is a multi-disciplined Bay Area artist and writer with an eclectic approach. Growing up Filipino-American and living both on the east and west coasts, in Iceland and in Hawai'i, Edna gravitates toward a multicultural perspective in her stories and art. 

 workshop Programs:

Ocean Art Odyssey

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $175/Session

Students read a Polynesian short story, picture book or poem about the Pacific ocean and create "woven" collage fish and a large undersea mural . This project combines individually-created fish with lauhala-basket-weaving-inspired textures. 

Upcycled & Away Kites

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $175/Session

Inspired by the Polynesian sky tales of Maui Snaring the Sun, students take their art pieces to the sky with their own upcycles sled kites made of used vellum paper and common household materials. 

Tell me a 3-D story

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $175/Session

Storytelling with a twist of stereoscopic effects! The Hawaiian art of ka'ao storytelling (or creating fanciful stories) will be put into comic book form by students who will craft their own tales from a "manuscript" that translates into visual storyboarding and evolves into a finished colored line-art technique. The results "pop" on the page (with the aid of 3-D paper glasses).

Rainbow Kaleidoscopes

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $175/Session

Edna believes that the science of light is a big part of art, so in her “Rainbow Kaleidoscopes” workshop she exposes students to this science by exploring prisms and connecting prismic light to stories around rainbows and Hawaii. Using recycled materials students create beautiful and unique kaleidoscope, bringing light, color, and wonder home with them.