For over 20 years singer/songwriter Gary Lapow's programs are geared toward teaching respect for self and the community, encouraging students to reach out to others and celebrate the many joys of life.  Rooted in the American folk-music genre, Gary’s performances feature rich character education elements and promote positivity and audience participation.

assembly Programs:

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $650

Be a Buddy to Your Body: The Nutrition Show

Good nutrition, like many a good thing in life, starts with a song.

Conflict Resolution: A Musical Solution

Conflict management techniques are presented through hands-on, fun-packed, interactive songs.


Students are encouraged to examine their attitudes towards others and embrace cultural differences.

Quit It! Teaseproof

Gary combines fun with a serious message to encourage children to stand tall in the face of taunting.

Light Up the Lights

A multicultural winter song festival celebrates Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

Look in a Book

Audience participation is encouraged as students are inspired in the great adventure of reading.

All Kinds of People

Gary encourages children to find safe ways of expressing anger.

Character Counts

A lively musical celebration to encourage children's character development.

Everybody Deserves a Chance

Gary addresses disability and prompts the notion that all people are unique.

Strong, Smart and Free

Through positive messages, Gary urges students to avoid drugs and other harmful substances and behavior.