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Founder of Gen Taiko, Melody Takata, is a multi-faceted artist trained in Japanese Classical Dance, Taiko and Shamisen. Deeply rooted in San Francisco’s Japantown and in the Asian American Community, Melody Takata engages in art-making that merges Japanese cultural forms, Taiko, dance and folk songs with new music, spoken word and visual design into expressions that honor community heritage.

assembly Programs:

Gen Taiko

Grades: K-6 - Pricing: $780

Kumi-daiko is taiko in the modern age.  Represented here as festival music, "O-Matsuri" will be presented from a world humanities prespective offering hope, rejuvenation, and a sense of compassion for all.

Gen Odori

Grades: K-6 - Pricing: $780

A wonderful introduction to japanese traditional music and dance, this assembly program presents two traditional Japanese dance styles that engage students in movement and rhythm.