Grupo Falso Baiano is a choro group that offers a window into the history and diverse culture of Brazil.  Grupo Falso Baiano performs insturmetal Brazilian choro music in this assembly program, blending tradition with modern influences such as jazz flamenco and samba.  The ensemble leads students through the shared histories of American Jazz and Brazilian choro which was born in Rio in the late 1800's.  This music is call and response, musical structure, social history, as well as introducing some Portuguese. 

assembly program:

Samba de Raiz

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $1,220

Though Grupo Falso Baiano normally performs as a trio, Roots Samba showcases a quartet by adding a Brazilian vocalist.  The history, stories, and evolving culture of Brazil have all found a home in Samba, the complex infectious folk music that is Brazil's most famous export. Join Grupo Falso Baiano in a cultural experience that will leave students singing in Portuguese as well as dancing to authentic samba! This program includes a participatory breakdown of the traditional rhythms and movements from Brazil, the folklore and history behind famous songs, and a look at how both Brazil and the U.S. are tied together through their shared musical evolution and history.