As an art instructor, curriculum developer, and teacher at both the elementary and middle school level, Lisa's goal is to help kids express their creativity, see things in new and unusual ways, and recognize that artistic "mistakes" are often springboards to new solutions.  She is a member of the National Art Education Association (NAEA).

residency Programs:

Mixed Media Studio

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $105/Session

Students explore a variety of techniques and media while creating theme-based projects. Lessons introduce key art concepts including color, scale, contrast and composition and can be tailored to support classroom curriculum.

Focus on Portraits 

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $105/Session

Students will learn about the portraiture tradition by looking at work from a range of artists from Rembrandt to Hockney and creating a variety of portraits incorporating collage, painting, book-making and poetry. 

workshop program:

Pop Art Workshop 

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $175/Session

Art History meets studio art! Students create hands-on art projects based on the work of 1960's Pop artists such as Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Oldenberg.  Students create their own art inspired by these masterworks.  Offered in a variety of media, including clay.