Lydia Morris has been creating since her earliest memory. Emphasizing investigation and experimentation, Lydia enables students to build mastery and confidence by creating what they imagine in various media. She is inspired to help students build things that move, to actualize their imagined inventions, and to draw inspiration from careful observation from life.

 Workshop Programs:

Pop-up Book Innovations 

Grades: 1-5 - Pricing: $175/Session

Students learn two different ways to add dimension and movement to the pages of a book and then invent their own!

Transportation Models Brought to Life 

Grades: 1-5 - Pricing: $175/Session (2-3 sessions minimum)

Students get a chance to invent a boat, plane, train, or automobile of their own design and bring it to life with found wood and cardboard.  In later sessions they paint and add details.

Snap Paintings of Movement

Grades: 1-5 - Pricing: $ 175/ Session

Using short poses from a live model or simply their observations of the facial expressions of a partner, students will create quick paintings that explore the exhilaration of capturing movement and gesture through paint.

Two-Tone Watercolor Urban Landscape 

Grades: 1-5 - Pricing: $175/ Session

Students begin by carefully observing their enviornment or taking photographs of outdoor urban spaces.  They then translate observations through their imagination into haunting two-tone watercolors.