Magic Circus, an award-winning, educational entertainment theater company, provides assembly programs with science enrichment, environmental and visual education, as well as multicultural, history and performing arts learning. All of their programs include enthusiastic audience participation.

assembly Programs:

The Amazing Science Whiz Show 

Grades: K-8 - Pricing: $995

Magic Circus demonstrates seemingly impossible magic and circus tricks that actually have scientific explanations, exploring laws of physics, earth science,  environmental education and color perception. In this interactive program, students learn about scientists like Archimedes, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.  Students discover curious and amazing phenomena such as air pressure, balance, gravity, centrifugal force, friction and multi-dimensional space.

MagicCircus_Science_Benny (2).jpg

The Incredible Magic Hat Show 

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $995

K-12 students are delighted by 30 multicultural and historical characters each distinguished by one shape that changes into hats and objects from a variety of cultures and professions. A comical traveler daydreams while waiting at a train station, and launches an imaginary journey around the world and through history. Vignettes with comedic situations and visual jests are created using chapeaugraphy, comedy, magic, mime and music. Students learn about body language, facial expressions, non-verbal communication and the use of props in the performing arts.