Roger Dillahunty is a widely recognized leader in the Bay Area dance community. Roger believes that everyone, young and old, has the potential to transform to a higher self, and that the art of dance is a key that unlatches many doors, leading us on paths of self-exploration and discovery. Roger’s supportive environment encourages reserved students while challenging those who are kinesthetically oriented.

residency Programs:

Creative Movement  

Grades: Pre-K-12 - Pricing: $110/Session

This program motivates and engages students with integrated, multi-disciplinary activities intended to increase awareness of space, body, and rhythm. Addressing multiple intelligences, Roger’s techniques encourage exploration and self-discovery, and concretely link patterns in choreography and music to elements of speech, vocabulary, and literacy.

Basics of Modern Dance and Jazz

Grades: Pre-K-12 - Pricing $110/Session

Students are introduced to fundamental practices and choreography, and exercise not only their physical bodies but engage in critical thinking about connections between mind and movement. Roger’s programming offers students an opportunity to express themselves creatively, while also strengthening and cultivating patience, focus, and intention.