SoVoSo (Soul to the Voice to the Song), is a highly imaginative a cappella ensemble. SoVoSo's repertoire consists of original compositions and other songs that present a global perspective, from Afro-Latin idioms to traditional jazz choral arrangements.

assembly Programs:

Rhythm, Harmony and Improvisation

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $920

In this assembly performance program, SoVoSo demonstrates their dynamic and inspirational "voices only" music-making and group improvisations.

Grades: K-5: SoVoSo leads students in an exploration of creating vocal percussion sounds, a lively session of call-and-response singing, and an exploration of many genres of music including R&B, Inspirational, blues, and Pop. 

Grades: 6-12: The singers lead students in a lively concert session which includes "Circle Singing," initiating rhythmic, repeated melodic phrases or sounds in three or more interlocking parts to build a spontaneous vocal invention.

Black History Month/ One planet, One World, One People

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $920

This in-depth performance honors Black History Month and contributions of African Americans, specifically in the music field.  SoVoSo share thier own personal stories, the history of African-American musicians and how they have inspired and changed music for the better: a celebration with an overall message that we are "One Planet, One World, One People".